Solar control films

We offer several dozen (UV, solar, IR) radiation and heat reduction window films.

They help keep rooms less warm by lowering UV radiation, which makes materials and textiles deteriorate/fade and causes discolouration, by up to 99%.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do solar control films prevent plants from growing?

Solar control films make plants grow a little (some 10%) slower. With solar radiation diffused and temperatures lowered, some plants are stimulated to grow even more (as temperatures in summer are lower and in winter higher).

2. Is it darker in the room in winter when the windows are obscured with a film?

No, because in winter you use anyway indoor lighting.

3. How to clean windows after a film is put on?

Once covered with a film, windows are to be cleaned using a microfibre cloth. Do not use any ammonia-based window cleaners!

4. Are your films scratch-resistant?

Our films are resistant to scratches and external impacts.

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